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Our vision of the past ... and for the future!

Firstouch Academy was created to:

1 - design and develop affordable and easy-to-use training instruments and tools;

2- create and organize surgical training events at a national and international level;

3 - so surgical training is available to everyone;


The FTAcademy Staff is composed by accredited professionals, with a wide experience in several areas of Medicine and knowledge, from General Surgery, Anesthesiology, Nursing, Education Sciences, Biology, among others.


Within the scope of its action, FTAcademy has already held several events with hundreds of trainees over the last years, obtaining scientific recognition by several Scientific Societies and by the Portuguese Medical Association (Ordem dos Médicos).


Since the 1st edition of the First Touch Course (2017), we have trained more than 450 residents in Portugal.

In 2019 we launched, an online surgical logbook, free for every resident that participates on the First Touch Course.


In 2020, we launched to allow us to have the classes and presentations online.


In 2022, we plan to organize (at least) one edition of every course of our training program, from the Basic to the Advanced Touch.


We hope to see you all in Braga next December @BragaSurgicalWeek!!!

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