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Trainer Touch Course

Trainer Touch is a course for those who want to begin their mentor/tutor career, thus have to learn pedagogic methodologies, education theories and how to design, develop and implement educational events.


This is a course for year 5 to 6 Surgical Residents and Specialists.

TT is a fundamental step to be a Firstouch Academy Trainer and collaborate actively on site at our workshops and courses.

Trainer Touch main topics:

1 - Fundamentals of Training

Fundamentals on learning theories, how to implement structured teaching objectives, and how to design a surgical training curriculum.

2 - Use of Simulation in Surgical Training

Understand the importance of a simulation-based training curriculum and its rationale, the impact and use of new technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality and how to use simulators to improve practitioners’ skills.

3 - Training in E-learning Modalities

Discover how to use innovative teaching methods, usage of online surgical text and video libraries and how to engage and reach more audience.

4 - Teaching Non-Technical Skills

Learn soft skills in the medical field, namely team building, situational awareness, leadership, mentoring, proctoring and how to how to transfer them to clinical activities.

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Would you like to participate?

In 2022 we will organize the first edition of the TRAINER TOUCH course, during Braga SURGICAL WEEK, on 12.12.2022 in collaboration with:

- Sociedade Portuguesa de Simulação aplicada às ciências da Saúde -

- Cefolgest

To know more and register please go to, create your account (free of charge) and register on the course (a fee applies but there are discounts for First Touch participants with the Support of Medtronic).



Pedro Garcia​, MD 🇵🇹

CUF TEJO and Academia CUF Director

Lisboa, Portugal

FTacademy Core Staff

Trainer Touch Coordinator


Mario Rui Gonçalves, MD, FEBS AWS, FACS 🇵🇹


Fellow of the European Board of Surgery

Fellow of the American of Surgeons

Hospital de Braga, EPE

Braga, Portugal

FTacademy General Director

Basic, First, Second, Hernia, Robotic and Advanced Touch Coordinator

Braga Surgical Week Coordinator

BSWeek2018 135_edited.jpg

António Albuquerque, MD 🇵🇹


Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central

Hospital Curry Cabral

Lisboa, Portugal

FTacademy Core Staff

Trainer Touch Coordinator

Captura de ecrã 2019-08-29, às 20.02.19.png

Olga Pires, MD 🇵🇹

Hospital de Braga

Braga, Portugal

Cefolgest CEO


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With the Support of

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